Artist, Adventurer, Papermaker, Artist Book Creator, Storyteller.

My passions for art, travel and storytelling in one form or another have taken me to amazing places all over the world which continue to nourish my soul.

I believe everyone is creative. Sometimes we just need to be inspired.

Creative Paper Collage is where I offer my best art & travel tips.



Join me for the opening of my new solo exhibition Deluge on Friday March 15 @ 5pm at the M-Arts Precinct in Murwillumbah. This exhibition is about resilience and my journey of healing as I created collaged artworks made from the muddy paper survivors of the big flood in the Northern Rivers following Cyclone Debbie in March 2017.


Paper has memory. It is a carrier of ideas and thoughts. In my home studio I make paper primarily from locally grown banana fibre and also recycled cotton and linen clothes. These papers are often printed, transformed into artist books or incorporated into my paper collages.



As an artist book maker I am interested in the current analogue/digital discourse and the transformation of the book from a utilitarian object to an object d'art. Artist books allow me to express complex ideas through folded and stitched papers and challenge the traditional role of books.



A blog where I share my travels, dreams and thoughts about the world and our place in it. As part of my art practice, I make a daily collage and share it on instagram as a form of intuitive visual journal using everyday papers like shipping tags or envelopes as my collage support structure.



Get to know a little about me and some of the projects I’ve been passionate about.

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