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Getting your creative mojo activated and pumped

Getting your creative mojo activated and pumped

On the ferry to  Café Creative

On the ferry to Café Creative

Activate your creative mojo

(and keep it pumped) -4 week course

Bust through Procrastination and Perfectionism in this 4 week course.

You will learn how to expose and explode those blocks to creativity and replace them with a creative practice that works for you. You will also learn how to devise projects that nourish your soul and impart your unique vision. At the end of this course you will have developed strategies to sustain your joy in creating and most importantly bust through those terrible 2 P's of Procrastination and Perfectionism.

This course is designed to help creative women and men who are looking for ways to transform their habits so that they can build and maintain a creative sustainable arts practice.It is ideal for creatives whose arts practice has stalled and needs reactivating as well as those who are challenged by space and time restraints.


café creative - #5 day challenge

Travel to imaginative destinations to discover Café Creative, a place to activate your creativity. This mini course is held regularly - dates for the next course are announced in my newsletter.

Over #5 days café goers receive #5 travel tickets for #5 journeys by boat, train, bus, car and foot to parts unknown for #5 minutes to get inspired with paper collage, all in the time it takes to drink your favourite BYO beverage.

This short e-course inspires you to carve out #5 minutes a day to start a creative project and finish it (while the tea in your cup is still hot).

“Cafe Creative is a wonderful way to dive into an everyday creative project. The project as fun and easy and it inspired me to tap into some of my travel memories and turn them into small art works. It’s also a process I can use again and again, especially to capture travel memories” - Cate Richmond