Some of my favourite projects in the news.


Posts from the Big Flood | 2017

I've been working with the community as an artist helping people express how the flood has impacted on them. The tablecloth in the photo is an artwork created by people who are not artists but have helped to create something together.

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Friends of Venilale | 2009

Ten delegates from the Mansfield community, including myself travelled to Venilale in Timor Leste In 2005 to establish a friendship town agreement. I documented this event in short movie Bienvendo Venilale.


 A Book About Death | 2013

I co-curated the 27th exhibition of this international mail art project. Matthew Rose instigated the project in NYC in 2009 where artists submitted 500 postcards to create an unbound book about death. 


Cafe Poet TRAG | 2011

As resident poet at the Tweed Regional Gallery Cafe I worked with cafe visitors over a 4 month period to write many poems based on fleeting impressions of their lives which capture a moment in time. My residency as Cafe Poet was supported by Poetry Australia.


papermaking advntures | 2011

Papermaking has been for a thousand years or more. I was keen to find out about Mayan paper making and in 2011 travelled to Mexico to discover two paper making studios, a cooperative in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas and Amate paper making in San Pablito, Puebla.

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Ace of Spuds | 2006

This project was funded by Regional Arts Victoria and involved hundred of potatoes being carved and then placed in Tolmie soil furrows laid on the tennis court. It provoked relatives of old time farmers to come and talk about their memories of potato growing in Tolmie.