Sound (ing)

Caress 2017

Welcome to this blog on my new look webpage. Its a sounding board for ideas, news and exhibition updates. Finally I have been able to integrate the various forms of my art practice both old and new into one place and blogging is a way to 'sound out' my projects. 

I have been writing about sound and sound vibrations for the past year, (see BBox Productions blog posts 2016). Now I'm excited to start on a new body of sound work featuring watermarks and landmarks, with vibrations created by water.

This year I was introduced to the CymaScope app. A simple way to make sound vibrations visible without all the complicated equipment set up. For the works Caress & Caress II, I played recordings of birdsong into the CymaScope to create a cymatics pattern. This was then overlaid with images of waves, the fractal forms of light in water.

These 'soundings' are experiments in translation, a way of visually describing the sounds in my life; birdsong, wind, the sea. I am taking 'soundings' as I dip my toes in the water, feeling my way into a new direction.