Personal Creations

Photo taken at the Rise & Shine event at Carol’s Place - repost from Carol Robinson

Photo taken at the Rise & Shine event at Carol’s Place - repost from Carol Robinson

When you meet inspiring women, you just want to hang out with them. This is what happened when I first met Carol Robinson from Carol’s Place in Murwillumbah.

She had just come back from iceland, and my travel agent introduced me to her so I could find out more. Carol runs a weekly women’s group called Rise and Shine which inspires women to be motivated and feel uplifted. She and I got chatting about Iceland, travel and all things creative before I knew it, I was booked to be on her featured guest speaker this week.

I spoke a little about my life as an artist and how I had come to run creativity online courses. Then everybody got busy to a vision board. Some had never done this before and it was quite a revelation for them to see their personal creations.

This is a powerful creative tool I always use to connect people to their subconscious thoughts and desires. It is a really tight little 15 minute creative exercise tearing pages from magazines then sticking then them down onto a card.What it reveals is the thoughts that have been buzzing around your head, or deep desires, sometimes it is an expression of how you are feeling at the time.

I found it exhilarating being in this group of women who want to transform and uplift their energy to create more joy in their lives. You can see what wonderful personal creations each woman made in just 15minutes. Below is one I really love, with ‘born to be wild’ writ large front and centre. It’s inspirational to see everyday things in another way, everyday.

Carols Place vision boards hands.jpg